Therapy Music - Logic Feat. Russ

Therapy MusicLogic Feat. Russ

Quotable Lyrics:
My anxiety was takin’ over (Yeah)
Remove the devil and my faith gon’ feel it slide like it’s Amendola (Come on)
I finally made it to the field of my dreams, and I let ghost play around in my head like I’m Ray Liotta (Damn)

A Yankee owner, I got stripes in this game
Hot headed but got ice my veins, arrivin’ by plane
G4 to be exact, rewards and beats and raps
Three whores before forty-three, more are bein’ cracked (Facts)
That was the life that I was leadin’ back before I went to therapy
And we unpacked, I wasn’t really needin’ that

I was needin’ validation, which, I agree is whack
Mad at my therapist like, “B*tch, I agree with that” (Haha)
Here’s the kicker though, my therapist is me (Facts)
Complainin’ ’bout my problems, how American of me?
There’s a scarcity of free thinkers (Yeah)
It’s all group thoughts (Sheep)
That’s what they think (Yeah)
That’s not what you thought (Psst)

Before you saw the popular vote
You scared that the world’ll leave you if you rockin’ the boat
So you don’t (Pu**y)
All aboard, now you safe in here but you don’t even recognize your own face in here, f**k it (F**k it)
Independent with a major budget (Uh-huh)
You ain’t mad at me, you mad your lady love it, we should change the subject (Uh-huh)
I sway the public like I’m rappin’ on the radio
Long hair and lookin’ like I’m supposed to be on Game of Thrones, HBO

But every time I talk, it makes the news like The Daily Show
I’m wavy so, of course you wanna cruise, I call it Katie Holmes
All my dreams are comin’ true, that’s somethin’ I innately know
Labels feedin’ artists soul diets like paleo
Meanwhile I’m feedin’ myself
Had a nightmare last night that I was sleep with myself, yeah, yeah
Oh God