The World Is Yours To Take - Lil Baby

The World Is Yours To TakeLil Baby

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m by far one of the hardest workers
Real firm believer in “Practice make perfect”
You can gather all the water, stay thirsty
Took a lot to get us here, we broke curses
Kill or be killed, the field show no mercy

Losers just lose while winners get worshiped
I came here for fun, let’s get turnt up
Somebody pass me a Budweiser, a cold one
I wanna rule the world, I can’t hold you

Hell of a life, I feel like I’m chosen
Head on tight, I feel like I’m focused
I ain’t ever satisfied, I want more
Covid came and held us up, we back rollin’

Look at all the people in here, we got motion
Everybody back outside, that’s somethin’ to toast to
Whole bunch of real good vibes, it feel so cool
I think it’s about that time, it’s gettin’ closer
Whole lotta fingers crossed, a lotta hopin’

Wishin’ for the best, preparin’ for the worst too
Got out here and bust my ass, I had to work too
Some stuff is out of my hand, I can’t control it
If I don’t know nothin’, dawg, I know one thing

Lil Baby