The Vision - Maxo Kream Feat. Anderson .Paak

The VisionMaxo Kream Feat. Anderson .Paak

Quotable Lyrics:
Candy drop on big rims (Big rims)
That go perfect with it (With it)
Double G on lenses (Lenses)
Help me see the vision (Vision)
Seven ray of women (B*tches)

That go perfect with it (With it)
Me, a legend livin’ (I’m with it)
B*tch, don’t you forget it (Forget it)
What I said, I meant it (I meant it)

I don’t like repeatin’ (Uh)
Good life in the times (Uh)
Got no zippers [?] (I get it)
What I said, I meant it (I meant it)

What I said, I did it (I did it)
Pulled the map, the trenches (Uh-huh)
Now they got the vision

It’s the Maxo big, he pop it, Cartier, Versace
Gucci on my body, diamonds flash like paparazzi
Neck and wrist ballin’ in the mix like kamikaze
[?], I got Polo on my body

Might pull out Huaraches, lace up, 5’s Jordans
Ten toes like some sandals, these some Forces
Eighty-fours rollin’
Seven livin’, rollin’

We don’t play poker but in Texas we still holdin’ (Mane)
Chuckin’ deuces out the roof and drop a deuce in Morning Dew
I’m flossin’ like a snake or two
‘Cause boastin’, braggin’ what I do
Traphouse schemin’, triple beamin’
Head to Neiman’s, coppin’ shoes

Promethazine and Codeine dreamin’, leanin’, life had ni**a shoes
Foes and blades just ain’t the [?], fade the blade just like a taple
I’m tryna bone, I’m tryna date a yellowbone, her name was Rachel
Eatin’ kids, givin’ wig

[?] swerve behind the Benz
I hear the CIG, don’t f**k with pigs
Maxo, As-salamu alaykum (Yeah)

Maxo Kream Feat. Anderson .Paak