The Thrill Is Gone. - RAYE

The Thrill Is Gone.RAYE

Quotable Lyrics:
Card games and heart games
I said let’s play
I should know better
My boy ain’t my boy
But I call him that ’cause it feels better
Court case last Monday

But he buss trial so I feel better
Painkillers and codeine
I got stomach cramps under my sweater
Dark words from his dark mind
Now theirs dark stains under my eyes
I’m scared when I look at him

And I don’t know why I’m surprised
Silk sheets and I’m cryin’ in ’em
And I’m stayin’ here when I should go
I’m scared if I leave now
I’ll never come back so I sip slow, uh

Say somethin’ nice to me
Say somethin’ nice to me
I nod and I agree
You get so mad if I disagree

So he invited me
To sit here silently
He can’t stand the sight of me
He used to get excited but now

Huh, the thrill is gone
Thrill is gone, thrill is gone, huh
The thrill is gone
Thrill is gone, the thrill is over