THE SUN - KayCyy Prod. Gesaffelstein

THE SUNKayCyy Prod. Gesaffelstein

Quotable Lyrics:
I don’t need the stars, the moon, the world if you bring me the sun (Yeah, uh)
I can be the spark, the start of something that you really want
I ain’t hesitate, your eyes see further than you really thought
And she don’t need no space for me, she’ll let me be where I’m at

Yeah, yeah
And I keep her all safe, yeah
I can be your art state
I can be on my off days (Yeah)
Uh, could you boost my heart rate, mm
Can you make the ground shake?
Yeah, can we do it for God’s sake?
Can we do it from miles away?
I can make you feel the way (The way)
I can give you a tidal wave
It’s never raining, babe