The Root of All - DJ Premier & Slick Rick Feat. Lil Wayne

The Root of AllDJ Premier & Slick Rick Feat. Lil Wayne

Quotable Lyrics:
My future’s lookin’ promisin’
Problem with my mom again, troublin’
Money think it’s runnin’ things
When no income isn’t comin’ in
Runnin’ with the wrong again
Gone again, money

I keep sendin’ cash demeanor
Got it, workin’ for it meaner
Puts a hurtin’ on a senior
Have to curtain, cook and pee on
Did I stutter? It’s root of all,
boo, all you loyal to it, useless

Bruise tryna do vocal, lose no one
I still pull him out a grave
Tryna play, chap? Okay
Dust him off, nobody’s touchin’ us and rush him off
Loose lips, Rick dances with wolf, kid

Elusive, arrange is the new black, I move past
Like, “Dress me like some baby George Clinton,” what’s he thinkin’?
Stackin’ the deck, ain’t attractin’ a chick, ain’t backin’ up sh*t
Control money, don’t let it show money

Soul money, never let it go from me, cold, homie
Suede, linen, ain’t decay, pray when I’m A in ’em
Stay with him, told to play, ageism
“Variety makes good society,” I said this
Respect, kid

Excessive makes me question my ethics
Though cash has no moral comp’, showin’ some
Flow is don, know it’s wrong, throw it from, showin’ some
Home, sweet home

Like some new cents in my wallet
I’m on top it and nurturing the loose change in my pocket
You know this ain’t a game to us
Money, money thinks—