The Return - Chance The Rapper

The Return – Chance The Rapper

Quotable Lyrics: The Return – Chance The Rapper

Yo, it’s the return of the, Gifted Gifter
The secret Santa grab bag sifter
The Grinch, sleigh hangin’ off the ledge deadlifter
The best thrifter, the tear jerker
The Santa’s little help employee of the year worker
The smile bringer, the joy inside the child lingers
The boy inside the crowd proud, he’s a loud singer

The whole choir, the bow tier
The snowplow and the snow tires, the coat buyer
The “Oh, you shouldn’t have her,” the Birkin bagger
The Gifted Rapper, they told me it’s the thought that counts
But really it’s the count that matters
Accountin’ hacker, bank amount countin’ backwards a thousand