The Real A (WHTA) - Yung Booke feat. Skooly · T.I. · Killer Mike

The Real A (WHTA)Yung Booke feat. Skooly · T.I. · Killer Mike

“The Real A (WHTA)” is a hard-hitting track by Yung Booke featuring Skooly, T.I., and Killer Mike. The song pays homage to Atlanta and the artists’ roots, while showcasing their pride and love for their city.

“The artists take a moment to reflect on the current state of the city highlighting the series of tragedies , with Killer Mike and T.I. adding their perspectives to the discussion.

The beat is heavy and energetic, with each artist delivering impressive verses that showcase their skills and unique styles.
The-Real-A (WHTA) is a must-listen for any fan of the Atlanta music scene.”