The Pen and the Needlz/Ohh Oh - Lupe Fiasco

The Pen and the Needlz/Ohh OhLupe Fiasco

Quotable Lyrics:
Grew up in Chicago, West side, gang lifestyle,
the drug scene, the whole.. it’s like one whole universe of insanity

Before I start, like to make sure I’m smart
Gather my composure, rather my swagger and my culture
Pivot my fitted, then begin to rivet, with a change of lyric
In other words, I reposition how I sit it

Then make you feel it like I mispronounced “filet”
On second thought, I can’t make you fill it
Like you digging your own grave, unless you can Kill Bill it
A night of the living passed away

Can you dig it? Why Emcee? Hey
I do it for my village
The pennin’ is John Lennon, the beat is the Beatles

Go together like Lenin and the people
In some fresh linens and some John Lennon’s fresh outta Seagle’s
The pen and the needles… / New Music Release

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