The God Hour - A$AP Ant & A$AP Rocky

The God HourA$AP Ant & A$AP Rocky

Quotable Lyrics:
Used to sip red, now I’m sippin’ on Wock’
FedEx, I’m shipping gelato and locks
Cover the weed up, we plantin’ the crop
AMG engine, it come with no key
I’m on the beach, I got sand on my feet
Cover my arm, shoot when I reach
I did it first and they got it from me
Count up my dеal, and I feel like Bruce Lee
Prada my coat that I rock in the wintеr
Word at my Benz and I’m up ’til September
When you get famous, they never remember
C.R.E.A.M in my pocket, I feel like I’m RZA, uh

Come get that work, tell that ho’ to flip that, twerk
Ni**a, this my turf (Turf) ni**a, it’s my turn
B.G., Hot Boy, this that Turk, homeboy kilt look like skirt
Don’t get murked, heh