The Glass - H.E.R., Foo Fighters

The GlassH.E.R., Foo Fighters

The song “The Glass” by H.E.R. and Foo Fighters is a collaboration that features H.E.R.’s solo rendition of the Foo Fighters’ single “The Glass.” The original version of “The Glass” appeared on the Foo Fighters’ studio album “But Here We Are,” released earlier in the year. The song marked the band’s first release following the death of drummer Taylor Hawkins in 2022. H.E.R.’s rendition of “The-Glass” showcases her vocal and guitar performance, adding new sonic and emotional dimensions to the original. The collaboration between H.E.R. and Foo Fighters has been well-received, with H.E.R. joining the band for a performance of the song on Saturday Night Live.

The song ebbs and flows between powerful guitar riffs and soul-stirring melodies, creating a sonic landscape that feels both expansive and intimate. Together, H.E.R. and Foo Fighters craft a compelling narrative that merges the best of both worlds, resulting in a track that’s as heartfelt as it is sonically captivating. The collaboration reflects the band’s collaborative mood, as they have been joined by other artists in live performances, including Taylor Hawkins’s son and Hayley Williams of Paramore. / New Music Release

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