Quotable Lyrics:
Back when I had a ‘fro still
First moved to L.A. my daddy still paid my phone bill
I was sneaking ni**as out in the early morning
After sucking good d*ck on a Sunday morning

Walking through the living room, I see Jabari yawning
I’m thinking “Man, one day we all gon’ be some superstars”
And this is way back bеfore I had a credit card
And this is way back when I ain’t havе a debit card

And this is way back when we all still prayed to God
When Clancy believed in me, when fans wasn’t singing songs
When Kelly would talk to me, when I ain’t had no friends at all
Besides them ni**as that I lived with

This the most corrupted vision
I turned my friendship into a business, into an empire
Half a million that I wired to my momma, she retired
Calling me “I’m getting tired of the drama”
Getting tired of letting culture try to tell me how to live my life

How to live my life
How to live my life
“This the ending we all envisioned, right?”
This is me, Abstract gone for the night
How you feel? / New Music Release

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