The Code - IDK Feat. Mike Dimes Produced by Kaytranada, Dog Food - IDK Feat. Denzel Curry Produced by Kaytranada

The CodeIDK Feat. Mike Dimes Produced by Kaytranada

Quotable Lyrics:
One boy run up, two boys get done up
Three women weep all for the come-up
Five cops lookin’ for someone
Three new arrests, two ain’t even done nun’
Shh, that’s rule number one
Shh, rule number one

Never leave your front door without a gun
I ain’t no killer but don’t push me, I be reachin’ for my funds
Sh*t, my money long now, I could get a ni**a done
‘Cause most of these ni**as pu**y and most of these ni**as broke
A few of ’em might dance but none of ’em toe to toe

I’m too worried ’bout the money to be f**kin’ with y’all
Y’all too worried ’bout the b*tches, y’all priorities off
If they catch you with the pistol, hit the bushes and toss
If they pull you over dirty, hit the gas and get lost, get lost

In the world where the war will win
Make me wanna spin a ni**a block like a whirlwind
I used to have a heart, now it’s lost, but I’m searchin’
Dot-dot, dot-dot, I’m still searchin’