Burnin' Checks - The Game Feat. Fivio Foreign,The Black Slim Shady - The Game

The Black Slim ShadyThe Game

Quotable Lyrics:
G-G-G-G, Shady (G-G)
Shady Aftermath (Yeah)
Me and Hit-Boy back on our sh*t, let’s go
Yeah (G-G)

I don’t think they know who they f**kin’ with
Pull that truck around, ni**as is duckin’ clips
Hi, I’m the Black Slim Shady
I unpack the heat with my oven mitts
I tip-toe around in my Chucks and shit
Hi, I’m the Black Slim Shady

It’s Game, sick in the brain
Sick as the day that I came
Hennessy runnin’ through my veins, I load up the clip and aim
Sick of you ni**as talkin’ like you won’t get wet in the rain
Now I’m singin’ Frank Ocean, and you get hit with this Novacane
Sick and tired of ni**as, b*tches, and critics, they all the same

Lame games they playin’, lyin’, tryin’ me for my name
I stick my d*ck in your podcast
Shallow b*tch on the show,
just to lick the tip it’s ridiculous, she watchin’ it grow
Cross eyed-ed, crosshairs on my enemies

If you cross the street, you run into me, you crash in to a light bolt
Now you crawlin’ out the driver side like a centipede
And me, I’m finna be on a jet to the Phillipines
Spill the beans, kick the Kool-Aid, overtell, God don’t intervene

While I’m smashin’ Saweetie pu**y to smithereens
It’s the G-A-ficky-ficky-M, paint my face, I’m him
Puttin’ this big black d*ck in your Skims