That Was Me - Russ

That Was MeRuss

Quotable Lyrics:
You know that was me, stayin’ up, puttin’ work in
Makin’ sure my family was good, we were hurtin’
Dad lost his job, bank tried to take the house

Mom lost her mind, I was tryin’ to make it out
You know that was me who came through when it mattered
You know that was me turnin’ loss into laughter

Divvy up the cash, makin’ sure we all eat
Bring us all together, makin’ sure we all speak

Wasn’t gettin’ sleep, I was focused on the prize
Heavy smokin’ weed, drinkin’ liquor every night
The girl I was in love with wasn’t just for me

I tried to show her things she didn’t wanna see
My parents were embarrassed, hated seein’ them like that
They carried me this far, it’s time I put ’em on my back
My songs are breakin’ through, my car was breakin’ down
Yeah the pressure grew, I had to make it now

The awkward conversations, and the fights increase
The days were chaotic, so the nights were my peace
Locked in like woah-oh-oh
Woah (Woah)