Tez & Tone 1 - Tee Grizzley

Tez & Tone 1Tee Grizzley

Quotable Lyrics:
Strollin’ through the hood
Ain’t got no money or dope (He broke)
Already hittin’ licks

He tryna find him a runnier nose (He need it)
His girl been actin’ funny, but he got some funnier h*es
He been livin’ on the streets

Shit ain’t sellin’ at home (He thuggin’)
They can call him Lil’ Tez (Tez)
Two months outta the Feds
He ridin’ around with Glocks and dreads
Shootin’, he gon’ hit a head

But there ain’t no cheese around
His peeps around, but they in the red
Tone got Heroine bricks and P’s around and play with the meds (Let’s get it)
Family reunion Tonе surrounded by rich, serious ni**as (They up)
But his nеphew Tez around surrounded by broke, serious killers (They up)

Tez pull up like “Damn Unc let me holla at you for a second” (Hey Unc)
Tone ignore him, pull out a iPhone and look at a message (Damn)
Tez like “Look my ni**a I ain’t got no money or dope (F**ked up),

I know I can’t rob you, but sh*t your man’s got a runny nose” (He soft)
Tone man’s like “Ni**a I’on never slip”, clutchin’ a blick (Try)
Tone don’t know Tez or really met ery’ ni**a he wit’ (Bop)
Murder vibes in the air (In the air)

Tee Grizzley