The Lox - Terminator LOX

Terminator LOXThe Lox

Quotable Lyrics:
I stay with a big Glock, I put em in ziplock
You put em on Tiktok, what happened to hip-hop?
The dope ass emcee, the DJ, big crates
I first heard double dutch bust on them little eights
Mr. Magic playing turn it down, it’s too late

Chuck D and Cool J, the era was so great
Feeling the flashback of this dope ass rap
Right now my foot is on these little ni**as backs
Click clack the iron, whoever outdid dying?
Spin back, shoot whoever else did [?]

Forgive me Lord, the drug dealers ain’t teach me none
I had to learn, I seen ni**as get killed for fronting
Now I’m outside your Air BNB
From thе era where thеy was scared to rhyme at DND
Y’all ni**as better stop, y’all know about D Block

Funny ass dances ni**a, all we had was the wop
Maybe running man but I was tired for that
Crack rocks ni**a, black tops and ratchet
Oh that’s my little homie’s sister? She can catch it

Headcrack, what’s in your bank? I can match it
Yeah, don’t let these ni**as throw you off
Like you supposed to die for them to go up north
When a ni**a that you following is extra soft
Take his gun and smack him if he f**king cough

The Lox – Terminator LOX