Tell The Truth - Mozzy Feat. Shordie Shordie

Tell The TruthMozzy Feat. Shordie Shordie

Quotable Lyrics:
Yeah, these ni**as kill me with this killin’ sh*t
If that’s the case, then why I still exist? Talk to me, huh?
We usin’ green ones over silver tips
I was one of the ones before you did a skit, simmer down

I was one of the ones you called for pay, more ni**as dissin’ now
Really one of the ones to place a call and have ’em sit you down
You seen what happened to your partner, b*tch, go dig him out
And if they get my partner bail, I’m gonna go get him out
In the name of EBO, lil’ bro gon’ spin a route

Ayy, free the skipper, that’s my mans, ain’t never took the stand
It’s a favoritism game these ni**as play these days
Like your big homie and ’em ain’t rats, we ain’t gon’ say no names
Blood got shot at hella times, I’m here to take the blame
And suckin’ d*ck before you diss a ni**a make you lame
It’s safe to say it ain’t the same, and ni**as bool with that
Ain’t known for killin’, you’s a thief with your lil’ goofy ass

‘Cause I been on some “Leave me ‘lone”
I wanna be alone, I brought my firearm
Demons on ’em got them demons on ’em tryna fight ’em off
People on us think them people on us with you right or wrong
And tell them “Keep them b*tches, they be lyin'”

Tell the truth, ni**as don’t want beef ’cause they be dyin’
Bulletproof, they ain’t tell you, ni**as still applyin’
Swing again, ni**as want me dead, they steady tryin’
Like he ain’t got them killers right behind him / New Music Release

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