Tell Me Bout It - Hotboii

Tell Me Bout ItHotboii

Quotable Lyrics:
Tell me ’bout it, the b*tch you love f**kin’ everybody
I know how it feels, I just went through it, got out it
Heart on fire, you put a gun to my chest and just shot it
I can’t deny it, we had a spark, ain’t even much need a lighter

And you know you hadn’t been the sh*t,
ain’t work no nine-to-five (Five)
Know your friends tell you you was dumb for that,
but my new b*tch kind of bright (Bright)

I put diamonds on you, why? (Why?)
I just wanted to see you shine (Shine)
I just wanted you to be brightеr
I just wanted to see you, why? (Why?)

And I told you not to trust these ni**as, thеse ni**as just want your body
Might get personal on this song, I want the fans to feel my vibe
Sh*t I did before it was catchin’ up, my past is right behind me
My heart like a hotel and I ain’t got no rooms, I packed the lobby

But right now, I’m copin’, heavy opp smokin’, pass the lighter
Gotta put my heart in something, I can’t just give it to nobody
But f**k that, I might put it on this song and you can buy it
My heart for sale just like the wave, I’m surfin’ in Hawaii

My brothers give the opps hell, they’ll murk a ni**a ’bout me
My new b*tch fine as hell and she’ll curve a ni**a ’bout me
Toni rock the ‘fro like Whitney, got me feelin’ like I’m Bobby
And no matter who be with me, I’ma be ridin’, I promise