Tears Gone Come - Kodak Black Feat. Future

Tears Gone ComeKodak Black Feat. Future

Quotable Lyrics:
You f**ked around and got a real damn thug, baby
Pray he don’t die before his kid turn one, yeah
I’m on the grind, you know I’m out here hustlin’
Ten toes down, I gotta get that money

After the love, you know, the tears gon’ come, baby
That stupid love, it make you feel so dumb, ain’t it?
He in thesе streets, these ni**as livin’ ’bout gunplay
And you already know what’s gon’ bе the outcome, ain’t it?

My mama say “How did you get so numb lately?”
‘Cause soon as he wake up, he takin’ four Percs
You the reason I been feelin’ I wanna live longer
You the reason I been feelin’ like I don’t need no Percs

Wanna stay home every night and f**k you ’til my bones hurt
And when you ain’t by my side, that’s when I feel my soul hurt
I feel like the love I get from you, it be more stronger
I swear any day but today, I ain’t ever made a love song

In the project hallways all day, this a westside thug story
Pray he don’t catch a life sentence, pray he runnin’ with the right ni**as
And y’all always on this sh*t, don’t get caught up in the midst
You know how yo ni**a get, he quick to step on somebody
The streets been hollerin’, he just killed the ni**a, all ’bout a comment
Your ni**a funky

Kodak Black