Taco - IDK Feat. Kaytranada

TacoIDK Feat. Kaytranada

Quotable Lyrics:
Y’all ni**as is pu**y, ain’t no debatin’ it
Ain’t no complainin’ or fakin’ it
I’m a d**k and you takin’ it, pu**y ni**a, I’m on one
Don’t make me spin on all you ni**as and bomb one
Embalming fluid through my music, is you stupid?
Don’t make ’em have to call the coroner to come use it
I got a lotta power and I love to abuse it

You lyin’ through your teeth like your words a toothpick
2Pac rollin’ in his grave
Me and you ain’t the same, I’m on a whole ‘nother page
Like the cops came, I’m in a whole ‘nother lane
I’m goin’ off the brain
This ni**a think he fly, I’ma throw him off the plane
I look at his body fallin’ like, “Oh, what a shame”
Make him, “Ayyy”, let him die in vain
Let him die in pain, do you hear what I’m sayin’?
Bеtter stay out my way, better stay out my rangе

And I don’t mean the truck, boy
They comin’ with the d**ks for f**kboys (Slide)
They playin’ with clips like “f**k toys” (Slide)
With the silence on the tip like “f**k noise” (Slide)