Switch Locations - Kay Bandz

Switch LocationsKay Bandz

Quotable Lyrics:
Lemme introduce my skinny ass to y’all new ni**as
Getting money be my man, I be who is you ni**a
Matter of fact… go and tell your b*tch I sed I chew ni**as
So she can come and bless this young p like what’d do ni**a
B*tches know I can’t comprehend if you ain’t talking dough

Ni**as know brody shoot like Kobe ain’t no passes bro watch him go
Crop him in his picture, make it four by four
If u talking sickest beat sticks like Geronimo
Hey man, f**k her back, I’m getting to dis finances
Hate y’all back, buckle up b*tches with your fine asses

Spankin’ den I’m on to the next like

it’s march madness sh*t is tragic
R’mber when I ball did it with a passion damn eh
Now I’m really getting to this grappling
Ain’t gon’ play time just be ticking
Ain’t no time to waste