Surprise - Chlöe


Quotable Lyrics:
If you be good to me then I’ma be great to you
If you stay down for me then I’ll stay awake for you
Surprise, slip my panties to the side

Give me your money, baby, I’ll make it rain for you
Feel like you cheatin’ the positions I play for you
Surprise (—prise), tonight you get my freaky side (Side)

You like the way that I ride (Yeah)
Give you a piece of the pie (Yeah)
You say that you could just stay up
And eat it all mornin’ and into the night (Yeah, yeah)

You know I never get tired (Yeah, yeah)
Teasin’ you just how I like (Yeah)
Yeah, we both winnin’, I give you the business
But you’re the one wearin’ the tie (Ooh)

Work that like how you should
Build me up, baby, give me that wood
Make it gangsta ’cause I like it real hood
Knock it down low, this how it go, oh-oh