Tyson vs. Ali - Benny The Butcher Feat. Conway The Machine,10 More Commandments - Benny The Butcher Feat. Diddy

Super PlugBenny The Butcher

Quotable Lyrics:
I keep it real with everything I do (Everything I do)
And everything I say (Everything I say)
And everything I love (Every thing I love)
My only wish was get my ni**as rich (Get my ni**as rich)
Hold my family down (Hold my family down)
And find the plug, yo (And find the plug, ha)

I made it ugly in these streets, they talkin’ cuter on these records (What?)
Pull his tool out my boot when y’all gon’ shoot towards the exit (I know, exit)
When you raw comprеssin’
You might look at a new car, a watch or a new loft as a few small invеstments
My team was like a crutch to me, I use y’all for leverage (My ni**as)
We used to share clothes, now a suit cost a Lexus
The line hot, they wanna hear the truth on the records
Since I blew more, the feds got threw off direction (Ah)