Super Freaky Girl (Queen mix) - Nicki Minaj Feat. JT, BIA, Maliibu Miitch, Katie Got Bandz & Akbar V

Super Freaky Girl (Queen mix)Nicki Minaj Feat. JT, BIA, Maliibu Miitch, Katie Got Bandz & Akbar V

Quotable Lyrics:
Pink pu**y, pink coupe, no roof
Made him eat my pu**y leavin’ NOBU
Maxed out his card, f**k the total (Yeah)
Pulled up for a check, pu**y mobile

Freak b*tch, legs up, cash too (Cash)
Ni**as eye f**k me when I pass through (Eye)
CC this pu**y, you a bad ni**a
Can’t be broke and be my ni**a (No)

Neck froze, ah, yeah, coast
I’ma bad b*tch, get him for his pin numbers
Eat the pu**y, beat the pu**y, drill drummer
Big racks, all I’ma tryna get from him

Yo, Nick’? (What up, JT?)
You the winner (Thank you)
And I’m the princess of this sh*t
And a motherf**kin’ gang member
Ha, haha, haha, ha

Brr, haha
F-F-Freak (Gang, gang got the hammer and the wrench)
Some gyal ah freak, gyal ah freak (Why you body that verse like that?)
Gyal ah freak, freak, freak, freak (Nicki, Nicki, BIA)

I’ma take the whole thing if I’m takin’ the d*ck (I’ma take it, I’ma take it)
And I got ninety-nine problems ‘cept for makin’ it fit (Oh)
I see some b*tches, mini-me’s, and it’s makin’ me sick (Ew)
I’m just the realest b*tch you seen with Nicki takin’ a pic (Barbia)

I like all my diamonds dancin’ (Uh)
They wanna know if we f**k in a mansion
Mmm, ask Nicki
If I’m in the room, then sh*t get sticky

I’m so bad I could touch myself again
F**k myself like the Clermont twins (Uh)
He wanna f**k on all my friends (Uh)
I’m too rich for an OnlyFans