Sunshine - Tyga Feat. Pop Smoke & Jhene Aiko

SunshineTyga Feat. Pop Smoke & Jhene Aiko

Quotable Lyrics:
Sunshine, I could call you my baby boy (Uh-huh)
You could call me your baby girl (Yeah)
Hit me up, we can spend time (Let’s spend)
Lately, you’ve been on my mind

I know you wanna chill with a player (Chill)
But all you gotta do is keep it real with a player (Keep it real)

Just answer your phone whenever I call (Call)
Calm me down, pick me up whenever I fall
I like ’em short and tall, slim and thick
I like ’em cute and sweet, ghetto and fit

Hop your ass in that Benz ’cause you like my style
You know me, I’d do anything to make you smile
I need a lady in the streets, sneaky link
Gotta watch how you movе, what you get is what you see
Out of sight, out of mind, but I still adore you

Just hit me on thе FaceTime, I never ignore you
You know pain is love, but my love is loyal (Loyal)
I know you heard stories, but that was before you (Before you)
Can I CC and Christian Dior you? (Can I?)
You ain’t worried about girls ’cause you know this all you (Wait)