Quotable Lyrics:
Give me some turn up (Give me some raw sh*t)
Give me some sh*t that’s gon make ni**as pull
out they pistols and commit a murder (Summa that, uh)
But only if they got to, oh, my God, I shot you

I snuck in this b*tch with my burner (With that boom)
Yeah, I’m that ni*a they heard of
Givin’ out shells, no turtle
Pullin up Double R, in this b*tch swervin’

You didn’t wanna do that on Monday, I ain’t trippin’
Text back came and brought me that pu**y on Thursday
In this b*tch with that blicky, they heard me
Take them balls and she dribble, no jersey

Take that meat and she eat it, no burger (She eat)
F**k with me, got the frеaky, no virgin
Ni**as buying h*es, sneakers and pursеs (Can’t believe)
Ni**as buying h*es, sneakers and purses
Two hundred pounds of OG for my verses (Two hundred)

And I still got that pu**y for free
I ain’t paying no h*e to f**k me, b*tch, I’m perfect (Uh, uh)
Still might get you a flight if you worth
I been turned down for a minute
I can pay, have me walk down on a ni**a (F**k ’em)
He can die, now got him got him felons (Go)

He get bust down when you spin ’em (Yee)
If she ain’t a slut, gotta get on (Gone)
Can I get f**ked when I get home? (Dee)
Cap ass rap, ni**as just getting juiced (Huh)

I been turned up since the flip phone
If she ain’t a slut, gotta get on (Gone)
Can I get f**ked when I get home? (Yeah)
Lace ya shoes up, put the fit on, ni**a
Hoppin out the truck with that sh*t on, lookin’ like─

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