SubZero - Action Bronson Produced by The Alchemist

SubZeroAction Bronson Produced by The Alchemist

Quotable Lyrics:
Running through the woods, I drop my nine in the snow (Uh)
Ten feet deep, look like a pile of the blow
Had to choke a motherf**ker on the side of the road (Uh)
I can feel my blood boil, man, I’m out of control (Yeah)
Wetsuit thick so I can shred when it’s ice (Uh)

Then lay in bed with your wife (Uh)
And get mad head from your wife (Uh)
Then get out of bed with your wife (Ah)
‘Cause I don’t cut the bread with a knife (Ah)
I rip it like a man supposed to
Leather jacket, Mickey Mantel poster (True)
Rock bottom through the buffеt

Chicken wings flying every mothеrf**kin’ which-a-way
Hash burning while a motherf**ker’s switching lanes
My pants rip away (Uh, ha-ha)