Stuck - Westside Boogie

StuckWestside Boogie

Quotable Lyrics:
Be the driver when I’m slumped (Ooh), be my ni**a if you clutch
I ain’t sayin’, “Fight my battles,” you ain’t gotta be my crutch
Told my momma that I love her, I don’t do that sh*t enough
I’m with bro-bro, wait, wait, I’m with bro-bro in the cut
I love the hood, you know I’m stuck

Wait, wait, wait, wait (I love the hood, you know I’m stuck)
I’ll worry ’bout this sh*t tomorrow, why the f**k you actin’ sus’?
Wait, wait, wait, wait (Why the f**k you actin’ sus’?)
Caught me lackin’ in a party, swear to God, I can’t sit up straight
Wait, wait, wait, wait (Swear to God, I can’t sit up straight)
It’s somethin’ ’bout the hood, I love it, I ain’t goin’, no, I’m stuck
Wait, wait, wait, wait (Wait-wait, wait-wait, wait-wait, wait-wait)

Ah, man
Pick me up when I get stranded and I’m tryna find a way
Still put chips up in the sammich ’cause it’s shit you can’t escape
Know my heart could turn to rock so I don’t take that sh*t for granted
Shoutout BriBri from the East, that lil’ b*tch had did me scandalous (That lil’ b*tch had did me)
You know I done been through Hell, huh? (You know I done been through Hell)
I’m goin’ through it, I can’t hide it, you could tell, huh? (Goin’ through it, through it)
Don’t hold me down ’cause I keep runnin’ from myself, huh (I keep runnin’ from my)

Let you hold my burdens, it’ll prolly tip the scale
Led these ni**as to the well, that just open up my floodgates
I come from the mud, weed man hit me for the updates
I say, “Free my ni**a,” if you know my insecurity
Just keep it on the hush
If you hit me up at 2 AM, you gotta let me f**k