Streets - Blac Youngsta Feat. Yo Gotti & 42 Dugg

Streets – Blac Youngsta Feat. Yo Gotti42 Dugg

Quotable Lyrics: Streets – Blac Youngsta Feat. Yo Gotti42 Dugg

Hard times don’t last, shoulda seen what I made
Were you just laughin’? How the f*ck you in the brave?
Everybody ain’t real, had to learn that from my brother
Frontin’ on when I’m up, say I’m smilin’ when I’m strugglin’
I been up, doin’ good or down, doin’ bad
From the same hitta, forever gon’ get my last

I been livin’ through the same old things
Killin’ all them same gold chains
I ain’t cry, bro, since you got killed
Like how the f*ck is you not here
Double down on me
Watch my come up with that cheese
I swear I still get them beans in
You found me like this, I don’t need friends
They told me if I trained, then it’s only me / New Music Release

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