Street Signs - Blueface Feat. G Herbo

Street SignsBlueface Feat. G Herbo

Quotable Lyrics:
Wake up every morning, I’m chosing the violence
Rather use the .45 on me than kill ’em with kindness
Dirty money all up in these jeans but I keep ’em clean
Gotta keep that thing by my thing ’cause it’s bling-bling
Get ’em

I was in my block, gang ways, all street signs
Ain’t nobody good, f**k the opps, no peace signs
I’m with Blueface on the West but I’m from the Eastside
I ain’t ‘posed to have this b*tch, f**k it though, I keep mine

Ain’t nobody come to see Otis, they came for Blueface (Blue, pss-pss-pss-pss-pss)
Ayy, he say, she say (Huh?)
Ni**as wanna beef ’cause I’m giving her beefcake
Yeah (Turn it up)
Aight, that’s more like it (Bruh