Street Made - DJ Muggs Feat. Freddie Gibbs & Scarface

Street MadeDJ Muggs Feat. Freddie Gibbs & Scarface

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m what the streets made, street raised
Representing for the homies on lock, six-feet grave
And these days it’s a must you stay solid
The rules you should follow is eat or you get swallowed, homie

Now stand up, put your motherf**king hands up
This ain’t no jack move, ni**a, pull your pants up
And man up, you out here looking like a dancer
Jo Jo, shooting at children, and that’s a no-no
You up the .4-4, you better be ready for what’s behind it

These ni**as ain’t playing, they come to find him
Now that the streetlights blind him
Staring at his eyes wide shut
Thе way they did it was f**ked up

But that’s how it goes
Onе minute you ten toes and the next
You hear a pop and you bleeding and out cold
These youngsters amongst us
Thinking they ’bout to punk us

And don’t realize that we the ones that got sh*t crunk up
If you a father then you raise your son
If you a momma, pray those days don’t come
Death is permanent, ain’t no coming back from that

You ain’t the only one walking around strapped, in fact
They got guns everywhere you look
A potential killer lurks in every hand you shook
Yo, we did it for dope and the dollar signs
You did it for likes all on your lies, surprise (Uh, yeah)