Strangers - Danger Mouse & Black Thought Feat. A$AP Rocky & Run The Jewels

StrangersDanger Mouse & Black Thought Feat. A$AP Rocky & Run The Jewels

Quotable Lyrics:
Yeah, while y’all was sufferin’ for future shot
Hurtin’ and hatin’, waitin’ for that other shoe to drop
I was relocatin’ this whole operation to the top
For you to copy and paste, in case you forgot

I’m super hot and beyond your range
It’s kinda strange how the change in climate
Ain’t because of climate change
I acquired this affinity for finer things
Like [?], Range and Rolls from gold chains

And dangers when ni**as get hot, then die fameless
Slugs spark louder than chain but fly aimless
I was too wise to the game to try candy from strangers
You speak anything but my language

Oud from the Indian trees is my fragrance
Fool, I consider these thieves, that’s not gangsters
So many f**k boys actin’ like they tough guys
I’ma call your bluff, guys, let me see you walk right

Bark, bark, bark
Tough guy, ah?
You can tell me, you can tell me what?

I keep the .45 close, get your lo-fi smoke
Like the Wi-Fi broke, get the wise guy jokes
Got mob ties bro, financial status and them old tie
Get ya familiar smoke, on both sides though

Oh my, now reach in to your pockets, pay homage
Pay me hunnids or pay me no mind, bro
And my screen don’t work, got a iPhone 4
Like the Wi-Fi broke, it’s still a smartphone though
Okay, like que paso, malecón, cabrón

‘Kay, tough guy, don’t take me for no fungi
See you with my third eye, peep you just with one eye closed
Uhm, one time when I was duckin’ from the one time

This one time, weapon on my left side, I’m gun shy
Swimmin’ in my new Benz, doors open up like two fins
New whips on Dr. Seuss’, one fish, two fish, red whip, blue whip