Stop Worry! - Mike feat. Sister Nancy

Stop Worry!Mike feat. Sister Nancy

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m telling you, just wake up!
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
[?] Sister Nancy [?]
Oh reaching, Imma reaching, Imma reaching
Imma reaching out, say, “Wake up!”

I peep your struggle in your pain ma
I know my team, I weigh your number when it’s game time

There’s too much buzz around my name now to stay discreet
How I’m the one who bring the fame ’round when I couldn’t speak?
I show my bro another way out

I only trust you if you lay down, when shit was getting deep
Another summer with them gray clouds, puddles ’round my feet
Same disruptive and remain wild, never giving peace
Since we huddled ’round the grave, fry in sun and then we freeze
Grab a cup and let my face drown, accompanied with trees

Sit, stuttering away, cause the company to leave
Just need something I could break down, budge against the heat
Buckle up, we ’bout to change routes, never changing speed
Sudden luck could go a great mile
All this luggage make the plane ground

Growing up I learned to play a crowd, but I know when to leave
Too much substance for the faint crowd, don’t know when to keep
Tryna cut it, I’m a strange flower growin’gout the creek
Know the job, if it can’t file, come without receipts
Peep your hustle in your brain, ma
I hold the D, I can’t fumble on a game shot