Stop Breathing - Roddy Ricch

Stop BreathingRoddy Ricch

Quotable Lyrics:
Look out the window, what do I see?
A couple yachts, they got some thots that trot the seven seas
Got CCs and Louis Vs out of every season
Card me please, Forgis make ’em stop breathin’

Mustard just sent the new Ferrari, I just might cop me one
They can’t be Ricch, they just tryna make a carbon copy of him
Countin’ up this new money, every single day I’m home

I ain’t worried ’bout what they be on
You do what you can, I live a lifestyle on the daily, homes
Bracelets on my right wrist, I got eighty on, my fragrance strong

My b*tch on top, we’re tapin’, she don’t ride it with no lace on
The lean poured, the Ace gone, the double R, the gray stone
The inside blueberry and the outside is Akon