Stonecrest - Lil Gnar

StonecrestLil Gnar

Quotable Lyrics:
Smoking on medical tell by the odor
She put her ass in my hand I control it
As a young ni**a I really was soldier
I told em all I’d be the sh*t when I’m older
I be gettin them bands through Bluetooth

20 thousand a college show Famu
I upgraded my life in some new shoes
I be rubbing elbows with the whos whos
Made it out the struggle that sh*t like a labyrinth
F**k all y’all ni**as I don’t wanna collaborate
Where was y’all at when a ni**a wasn’t having sh*t

Mixing designer that sh*t too elaborate
Put some blonde in my dreads
And went goat mode I ain’t tryna convo with the popo
Smoking the dope I get high high
Just tryna balance out the low lows / New Music Release

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