Stone Cold - Dess Dior, Mariah The Scientist

Stone ColdDess Dior, Mariah The Scientist

Quotable Lyrics:
Said he callin’ from Atlanta, say he miss me
Well, well, well
Guess he better send that private out to get me
Expect this to be a long cold winter

You f**kin’ with a stone cold sinner
F**kin’ with me, you got no regrets
F**kin’ on me, know I do it best
F**kin’ on you, only want the neck
I know how it goes

Say he fall in love every time he kiss me
Well, well, well
And you always right on time, that’s what gets me (Gets me)
Am I еver on your mind when you not with me? (With mе)
Maybe you and I should start a family

What you sayin’? Follow through
Baby, take the lead, show me what to do
I’m intrigued, everything ’bout your demeanor
How I’m comin’ crazy, but I’m never leavin’