Line Em Up - Russ Feat. Busta Rhymes Produced by Alchemist

Stockholm Syndrome – Russ Feat. KXNG CROOKED

Quotable Lyrics: Stockholm Syndrome – Russ Feat. KXNG CROOKED

After this I don’t even wanna talk to people, you feel me?
Hahaha, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Let me just get right to it, yeah
Come on

This is bigger than a post with an irrelevant caption
This is organized knowledge and intelligent action
This is since ‘06
Tryna create legacy
Boss talks stocks real estate and equity
You fake pat beverlys
Always tryna shut down Russ
You foul stay the f*ck from round us
Cuz you can’t f*ck with me
So you lie instead
You lazy you blacc chyna head
But I can’t give em clout that’s a courtesy bag
Can’t forget how bad I wanted what I currently have / New Music Release

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