Still That Way - Jay Rock, Bongo ByTheWay

Still That WayJay Rock, Bongo ByTheWay

“Still That Way” is a recent single by Jay Rock featuring Bongo ByTheWay, and it has been generating buzz since its release. This song is a testament to resilience and staying true to oneself despite the odds. The track is notable for its epic horn-backed production and showcases Jay Rock’s lyrical prowess. With Jay Rock’s commanding delivery and Bongo ByTheWay’s hypnotic production, the track exudes confidence and authenticity.

It delves into personal narratives, reflecting on the journey to success while staying grounded in one’s roots. The song’s smooth yet powerful cadence captures the essence of perseverance and the unyielding determination to remain unchanged by external forces. “Still That Way” is part of Jay Rock’s ongoing musical endeavors, teasing his forthcoming record and adding to his discography. The collaboration with Bongo ByTheWay has contributed to the song’s appeal, and it reflects Jay Rock’s continued presence in the hip-hop scene. / New Music Release

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