Status – Chief Keef & Mike Will Made It

Status - Chief Keef & Mike Will Made It

Status – Chief KeefMike Will Made It

Quotable Lyrics: Status – Chief KeefMike Will Made It

Okay, okay
Put him in the trunk (Trunk)
Put him in the forest, change his name to Gump (Gump)
Soon as I let the window down, you gon’ smell the skunk (Dope)
Legendary, write my name in Rosetta Stone (Stone, ayy)
Yeah, you got a chain but you a punk (Punk)
Yeah, I got a pump, I let it rock like punk (Punk)
Four pail, triple S’s, b*tch, you gettin’ stomp
Speedin’ in a foreign, pockets holdin’ all the humps

Yeah, I’m rich, homie, but don’t know that ni**a Quan (Nah)
Neck on lagoon, boy, yo’ sh*t be on pond (Ha)
Snakes in the grass when we stummin’ on the lawn (Stum)
Been a bad boy, b*tch, I feel like Martin Lawrence
And I’m gettin’ head in the foreign, where I’m goin’ (Skrt)
Gettin’ a massage in the foreign while drivin’ (Skrt)
All black truck, that b*tch look like I’m hidin’
Took her to the hood and she mumbled, “ni**a savage” (Ayy)