Statement - G Herbo

Statement – G Herbo

Quotable Lyrics: Statement – G Herbo

Uh, check this out
Always, always mean what you say
G Herbo

Real ni**a ’til I leave (You know that)
Elevated, do this rappin’ sh*t with ease
I got a brick on my sleeve, you dissin’ me, please
Comparin’ me to different MC’s, stop it
I’m really in the shit so I don’t pop it

Before Twitter was trendin’ topic (Ayy)
I was on the block with thirty shots and Glocks had the spot hoppin’ (Swervo), dummy
But they actin’ like they don’t remember that (Yeah)
Been a leader with that heater, I got right up into that
You can never take a killin’ back
Whole hеart was in the streets, I had to leave hеr, get my feelings back