Star In The Room - Desiigner

Star In The RoomDesiigner

Quotable Lyrics:
I was getting money since way young
I be getting to it till the day done
She wearing Desiigner pull up I’m wearing it too
I be getting money Ni**a ain’t worried bout you

This the life I’m living Ni**a give f**k about you
Getting b*tches getting money ain’t f**king with you
Ice is on me shining bright like the stars in the moon
Every body watching me I’m a star in the room

Ain’t no f**king place that I can’t go
I walk inside the spot and grab bank roll
Talking like boss I got my hands fold
Ni**a I’m diamond platinum and gold

Hate when they be talking but was fans on of you
You ever seen the whole world turn they hands on you
God he back yo back he got plan for you
So I keep that choppa it won’t jam on you

All the way we go
All the way we go
I can take your girl to places she never seen before
I wanna see her put it all the way down her throat
I wanna see how far it go it go it go it go
Coming out of Brooklyn I’m a CEO

Know them OGs did it but it just a young ni**a go
She just want her turn
She just wanna live and learn
I’mma give it to her slow she jump on top my pole