Stand On It - Lil Baby

Stand On ItLil Baby

Quotable Lyrics:
Here we go again (Okay), big body Benz (Skrrt)
Cut off all my friends (Yeah), choppers for my enemies
Go and ask the streets about lil’ Dominique, I’ve been a beast
Really got my name from shootin’ dice and sellin’ ni**as weed
557, .223s, 308s go through a car door

All the houses paid off, none of my h*es ain’t got no car note
Sell a thousand, scream free Ralo
“Baby, you should stop it”, I know

Everything’s a profit, for sure, pilot waitin’ on us, let’s go
Still be in the projects with ColdHearted and Q Ball
Wreck the ‘Rari, buy a new one tomorrow, I’m too raw
I got foreigns all colors, like a pack of Starburst

When they ask me how it happened, I just tell ’em “God works”
I’m tryna touch me a billi’, still hustle like I’m on zero
Really done saved some ni**as, that’s why they call me the hero
Trappin’ like this sh*t legal, I’m tryna uplift my people