SPESHAL - 38 Spesh, Harry Fraud Ft. Stove God Cooks

SPESHAL38 Spesh, Harry Fraud Ft. Stove God Cooks

Quotable Lyrics:
I fed the workers and the runners, for ten summers
And spent big numbers at the jewelry shop
Ni**as had they eyes open, but ears covered
So they ain’t gon’ hear when opportunity knock

We know the police watchin’, I refuse to be stopped
I got deep pockets that the whole community watch
I got a yayo strip that be movin’ these blocks
More bags off yay’ than Julia Fox, huh

Could you handle a light half a brick?
I brought so much snow that they gon’ cancel the flight after it
Use your head or get hit in the back of it
Trust me, when I’m aimin’ this hammer, I’m quite accurate

I was handlin’ light packages
‘Til I implemented financial advice in my life practices
Tell your man he ain’t have to snitch
You protectin’ rats like you an animal rights activist, trust

So special (So special)
The diamonds hit the light, so special (So special)
And jumped up out the pot, so special (So special)
The first time I got a brick, I felt so special (So special)