Space Rabbit - Freddie Gibbs, Gold Rings - Freddie Gibbs ft. Pusha T,Dark Hearted - Freddie Gibbs Produced by James Blake

Space RabbitFreddie Gibbs

Quotable Lyrics:
Ayo, let’s get paper and pop Mo’ with h*es up in skyscrapers (Yeah, yeah)
It’s King Rabbit, I rap, but I’ll pull a drug caper (Yeah, yeah)

Cocaine City, cold as a dope fiend titty (Yeah)
Sellin’ fetty so I can front up in the 850 (Yeah)
Somethin’ in the SF90 ‘Rari electrical (Skrrt)
Space Rabbit push space coupe straight out of Monaco (Yeah, yeah)

Space Kane, space age pimpin’, MJ and Ball and them (Yeah)
43rd and Main, used to cut the dope with Klonopin
Boy, they gon’ fake you, hate you, underrate you (Underrate you)
That b*tch gon’ always turn around, yo, that’s the crazy thing about them tables (Yeah, yeah)
Nothing but drug mules in my stable (Yeah, uh)

You either whip it or you ship it, gave that goofy ho an ultimatum
Sucked me in the ‘Vette, so I had to give her the keys to it
Once I drop this sh*t, bet them members be locking P’s to it
Million used to feel like a dream, now I can breeze through it (Now I can breeze through it)

I remember back when I used to wanna be G-Unit (G-Unit)
Record labels said I sound like Buck,
they had the Rabbit Man f**ked up
They dropped me off, they cut my nuts

And I was down bad on my luck
This novacane straight off the bluff
I taste that sh*t and I got a rush
I had to stop drinkin’ that lean, that sh*t was f**kin’ up my gut
Gun fights and sleepless nights, you see the pain all in my face
Package smell like gasoline, we got them things off in the tank

Big VL and I’m the big boss mafioso, I got rank
Don’t need my son to be no doctor, he can always take my place
Prick his finger and kiss him, now he initiated

Sunday night through Thursday, you hit me, I get you situated
Wonder if I’m headed for hell and my soul obliterated
Neighbor kids just hit me, they mama just sold the ‘frigerator (Sold the ‘frigerator)

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