Southside Hov - 2 Chainz

Southside Hov – 2 Chainz

Quotable Lyrics: Southside Hov – 2 Chainz

Feel high that you get from the lye
If you feel it, wave your L in the sky
Feel it, wave your L in the sky
L in the sky

I’m from the Southside where it’s lukewarm
Where ni**as set you up for robbery and help you look for ’em
I’ve been a stepper, I walk around with my own shoe horn
This type of flow, I give the opposition goosebumps

I saw my dad die and told that ni**a, “Wake up”
My momma woke me up and asked me for a wake-up
You playin’ checkers, I play chess like an eight-cup
I sold pounds, I ain’t never have a paystub, uh
I’m from thе gutter, diamonds studded, I am too for real
Namе another rapper that got a Versace shoe deal