Soul Child - Yung Bleu feat. Lil Wayne

Soul ChildYung Bleu feat. Lil Wayne

Quotable Lyrics:
The world cray, always first, never second, suck my third leg
Got her legs in the air like some bird legs
F**k her ’til she can’t feel her legs like a mermaid
I’m a Perc’ head, lean fiend, I’m a weed boy

Coke on my fingers, work a key like a keyboard
Cocaine cowboy, yee haw, high comin’ down
Put some pounds on the other side of the see-saw
Yung Bleu, I got ’em, I won too, I’m not ’em

Put the gun to his collar, alhamdulillah’d ’em, yeah
Bum boo and olives, mushroom and molly
Been a pro since a kid like the young Luka Dončić
Promethazine make my punch punch like Muhammad

New Orleans love me like Miami love Udonis
Yeah, red bandana and blue collar
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, soul child in this b*tch
Platinum teeth but they I smile in this b*tch

What’s beef? Get the whole cow in this b*tch
If you’s lack, keep your nose out of this sh*t, yeah

Yeah (Yeah, yeah)
For better or worse I’m here with you (For better or worse)