Something Different - Lil Wayne (Official Music Video)

Something Different – Lil Wayne (Official Music Video)

Quotable Lyrics: Something Different – Lil Wayne

Sometimes I laugh so hard that I cry
‘Cause you just a joke now, that’s brazy
I took a nap and you took your things
And I heard the doorknob, that’s brazy
I told you don’t trip, got your number blocked
And I done went ghost town, that’s brazy
Where all the b*tches is at that say
That they don’t be doing all this and all that?

She tired of sleeping with bums
I can’t even blame her for wantin’ to eat cat
I been waking up in her ribs
Sometimes she tell me that losen her back, damn
Please don’t sing that nigga’s song
If you do then we can’t even kiss after that, yeah
Anytime I pull out that gat on them boys
They must think I’m finna relapse, damn, ayy
.40 cal sit on my lap, wait, don’t try to give me no dap
Keep some distance between us, we COVID-19ers
We ain’t with that sociable crap, wait
I seen some shivers get jacked, and end up making it clap…