So What? - Uncle Murda Feat. Eli Fross

So What?Uncle Murda Feat. Eli Fross

Quotable Lyrics:
She a thot, so what? (Mm)
Ni**as still gon’ f**k her
Ni**as still gon’ be all in her DM, tryna get her number (Huh)
Best friend, yeah I f**ked her (Huh)
‘Nother one, then another (Huh)
I ain’t really for the bickerin’, baby girl we could f**k each other (Huh)
That’s my bro, that’s my brother (Bro)
Told my Ni**a, “Don’t trust her” (No)
That lil’ b*tch there sneaky, caught her tryna put a hole in the rubber (What she doin’?)
If she from the hood, can’t love her (Huh)
F**ked her good, then I dubbed her (Huh)
I ain’t really with the cuffin’ sh*t, baby girl I’m just tryna f**k it