So Into You - Jhonni Blaze Feat. Trina

So Into YouJhonni Blaze Feat. Trina

Quotable Lyrics:
Wanna be down for me but can’t do right for me
Wanna be in the streets instead of in the sheets with me (Ooh)
Hangin’ with them girls that be in my mention
Damn, you trippin’, you can’t stay committed
So far gone, don’t be mad when I switch up (Ohh)
You’re no good, you don’t know how to love (Ohh)
Will you wanna be with me in [?]?
I’ll be gone and you will reach out for me (Ooh)
Damn, I was so into you, you, ooh (Yeah)
Damn, I was so into you (Yeah, haha, Trina, yeah, yeah, uh, ooh)